Welcome to the Racine 2010 Catamaran Championships!

Dave Reese
RCC Event Chairman

It seems like the CRAW people are always wanting to do big things with the things they love to do. Well, they are full of love in 2010 and wanting to go really big with a combined NAF18 and NACRA North American Championships and F16 Great Lakes Championship.

We do our biggest of the big stuff at the Racine Yacht Club along the shore Lake Michigan...fresh, cool, and big. This venue is a comprehensive test for champions. Within a single event it can deliver steady southwest winds with water smooth as glass, a dense north wind with high and wide energy-packed swells, and then even some milder south-southeast winds with concentration busting chop.

The beach is awesome too...having been voted best something or the other, I'm sure. There's also going to be a lot of super fun shore-side stuff too...magic-marker party, an awesome band, gutter boat races, skits, Perseids watching, etc.

Please join us for a chamipionship level racing experience and wholesome family fun. All in CRAW are anxious to provide our catamaran racing brothers and sisters a big week to remember. You can expect kick-ass on the water, and big hugs of love on the beach.


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