2017 Rock and Roll Regatta

The first regatta of the season is always filled with anticipation: who has a new boat, who has an older boat but new fiberglass and gelcoat that needs polished, new sails, new trailers, new young crew, more grey hair or less grey hair? etc etc. Well Rock Lake 2017 had all of that plus.

This regatta would be the first time Michael and I have sailed together, and Michaels first time on a cat, and of course I don’t much for time then that either. As the sailors arrive on Friday early to allow themselves time to get their new or old boat put together the weather was at least warm and sunny with building suspense of what lies ahead on Saturday.

Cold, cold and windy! Oh, and rain, each rain drop felt like 12 oz of super cooled refrigerant on your face, awesome! Sean was the first boat rigged, first on the water, first to capsize, first back to the beach and first to hard cider. The rest of the fleet stuck it out for two races, though not everyone was ready for the first race, and some not for the second. Those that raced enjoyed some high speed sailing with a few legs where the wind laid down so the sailor could catch their breath on their first day out for the season. When the wind freshened for the first leg of the second race a few boats beat it right to shore, only watch the rest deal with a dying breeze. Of course the wind was blasting when we beat it back to shore after the race committee wisely called it because they couldn’t feel their fingers any longer. Daniel and a great first race with new carbon F16 with line honors, in fact all of the F16s did well finishing 1, 2, 3. Daniel backed it up with a bullet, on corrected time, in the second race.

Sunday added some sunshine to fair breeze in the low teens. In the first race everyone was late, including the race committee, except the grey boat. So after showing everyone around the race course and crossing the line well ahead of the number 2 boat Brent & Michael had to eat an OCS. Of course the same thing happened on the final race of the day too! Daniel had some equipment issues with the new boat and was unable to repeat the results from day one. That gave Chris, Kurte, Clay, and Brent all a shot at the podium.

We have a number of new sailors this year. Tyler now joins the owner/driver category. Allie and Emily started sailing with CRAW at the end of 2016 and this Michael and Alexis started sailing with CRAW in 2017. While Brent and Michael sailed all races, with OCS’s, two races essential didn’t count. The only boat to start and finish every race was Dale and Lily well played.

Thank you to JJ & Judy for opening up their home for use and organizing another one of our favorite events. Also all of the other volunteers on RC and Chase that make it possible for the rest of us play on the water.

See you all at the next one.

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Brent & Michael
18 Shades of Grey

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