2017 Barnum Bay YC Regatta

Friday, 5:39 post-meridian

The Korte bus arrives to pick me up, occupied by the entire Korte family. iPhone directions in one hand and the other on the steering wheel, captain Kurt defied space, time, and state law to get us to the regatta site swiftly and efficiently. Cole and Carley impressed their parents with interesting and scientific facts and terminology they have acquired while away at college.

Friday, 7:45 post-meridian

We arrive weathered, weary, and hungry despite our collective lack of appetite. Wise, well-trained, or both, skip already has the boat set up and ready for what would prove to be a day of tight racing in the face of everything mother nature could throw at us.

Friday, 8:55 post-meridian

"Clay, you may want to go check out your boat. The wind slid it into the back of your trailer." Honestly, what were any of us expecting at this point.

Saturday, 7:00 ante-meridian

My slumber is broken by the stumble of Kurt through the RV. After a solo cup full of cereal, Kurt heads to the beach to begin working on what Cole should have had done an hour ago. Not too far down the beach, Guy is seen with gloved up and schlock in hand working on what Clay should have had done an hour ago.

Saturday, 10:30 ante-meridian

A total of 4.75 races were run on Saturday, spanning several hours on the water and several 180 degree windshifts. As a crew, there aren't many situations as exciting as flying the kite upwind and then back again downwind.

Saturday, 6:15 post-meridian

Snapping turtle


Perfect day for sailing. Shout out to Brian and Ally for being the first off the beach while everyone else stood around talking about the wind. Congrats to top finishers Daniel/Frank, Brent/Michael, and Chris/Edward

Yours Regardless
Tyler Gruen (1st - Tornado)

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