Oshkosh 2017 Regatta

It was the best of winds, it was the worst of winds.
Every regatta I go through the usual drill of preparing for a smooth sail, usually nervous or maybe I'm anxious, but it's always a bit of both. I see Dustin and it seals the deal and I feel ready. Always good to see the boy.
CRAW as a group has something very special in its hands and I think of that frequently.
I hope that maybe this time Dustin and I can do well to achieve something that has been very elusive, as is the taste of victory. So it happened.

Race 1
Saturday started with light and variable, emphasis on variable, extremely variable. Got a good start, no fouls, no incidents, and all of a sudden, we're out in front….BY ALOT!!
What is happening here? This wasn't in the brochure! Now what do we do?
We look at each other in disbelief and don't speak a word and settle into the task at hand.
Sail trim, weight distribution, wind shifts, and shifts were aplenty.
We near to A mark on starboard, then with no warning, PORT! Did I mention variable?
So as it happened we held our position in that race and scored a bullet.
Was it luck, skill, right place right time? Probably all of the above.
All I know is that I liked seeing the whole fleet behind us for a change!
It was especially sweet to beat Clay. Sorry Clay, I love ya, but you've been our nemesis for a while. Dead fish and all.
The rest of the regatta was great with improving breeze, great weather, good food and company. It was especially fun to watch the next generation CRAW playing and having fun together.
Whatever force of nature introduced me to a bunch of misfits such is CRAW I would like to express my extreme gratitude! Yea Dale, I called you a misfit.
Through the years, fellow friends and sailors have come and gone but the evolution of CRAW continues, and with real positive results, for a bunch of misfits.
I as for one would like to say how much it has been a privilege to be a part of this club, and for the adventures and memories I fondly hold dear.
Thanks, and sail on!!

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