2017 Broken Rudder WI/MN Challenge

The journey started around 5:00 pm after leaving 2 hours later than expected (I blame mom). We arrived at the campsite 4 hours later and sat around the fire and talked with other sailors. Just as the sun went down the mosquitoes came out in full force. Not long after and a little sudden, a nice storm rolled right over the campsite causing the sailors to take refuge in their tents and RVs for the night.
Members from Wisconsin's and Minnesota's catamaran teams started arriving at the beach to set up their boats. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating-only "blowing" about 2 mph. The decision was made to postpone the races until noon. The kids and adults took advantage of the beautiful day and lake by swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding while waiting for some breeze. Around noon the wind started to fill in just as forecasted. Sails went up and gear went on as everyone prepared for a great afternoon of racing. The first race started off in what felt like 0 mph wind but farther up the race course looked promising. Pretty soon everyone went from low side to double trapping in a matter of minutes. Thankfully the wind stayed up although it had its lighter moments, and the race committee was able to get in four races before sending us in. After de-rigging everyone made their way back to the campsite. Everyone enjoyed pizza and rum as well as socializing with the other sailors and the unexpected luau night put on by the campsite. The kids found their way to the playground and had some fun playing basketball, volleyball, and unintentionally breaking some of the playground equipment...sorry.
Although Sunday was forecasted to be in the teens, the forecast was a little lighter than expected and similar to the breeze Saturday. This didn't stop the sailors from sailing another 4 great races and battling through the wind and weather conditions. Everyone started packing up their boats after getting to shore preparing their boat to be towed off to the next regatta. The awards ceremony started and the sailors waited to hear the news on who would win the broken rudder. After 8 phenomenal races, Wisconsin was able to keep the rudder for another year! I can't wait until next year to see which state will win the rudder.

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