2017 Windjammers Regatta

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my mom and I took off on our two and a half hour journey up to Green Bay. Of course, I wasn’t awake for much of the ride because I utilized the time to catch up on my sleep. As we got to the marina, it was good to see everyone up and going; setting up boats, and socializing with other sailors. After a brief skippers meeting and a few papers that were handed out, everyone got their sails up and were ready to go. Dale and I were about an hour and a half early to when the first sequence went off (nice timing, Dale). A little after 10:30, the first race began. The wind was gusty and there was a slight current from the river, but that didn’t stop us from sailing a great 5 races. Dale and I had an okay day. One race we went backwards more than forwards, and ended up catching A mark for a solid 5 minutes. Little did we know that the mark does not fit under the boat. After a few more races, we headed back on shore around 4. After a long day of sailing, I was glad to hear that a huge meal was getting prepared. Soon enough, lasagna and other dishes were served for all of the hungry sailors. After dinner, more talking and relaxing continued through the night. It was nice to meet Kirk and Bethany, and to see everyone reconnecting with Nick and Shana and their baby. As the sun set, people were off into their campers, tents, or houses for the night.
Sunday morning, everyone was out and ready to go fairly early. Soon enough, the marks were set and everyone was ready for the first race. Before getting out to the race committee, Dale and I were not paying too much attention, and soon enough, Chris and Audra were tipped over! Sorry about that! After a little while, their boat was back over, and Dale and I were determined to stay as far away from them as possible. As the first race started, Dale and I wanted to have one strong race; we put all of out effort into it and got first! This didn't last long, however, and the next race we almost got last. Talk about inconsistency! As the Sunday races came to a close, everyone was eager to sail back to shore. Soon enough, all the boats were packed up and all we had to do was wait for results. My mom and I left early and said our goodbyes; hoping to see everyone in another great regatta in Madison in a few weeks.

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