2018 Barnum Bay YC Regatta

Nietzsche said that “…to live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”
I showed up Friday afternoon. Martin was already rigged up and ready to go sailing. Even after getting back in, I didn’t hear him complain once. About anything. It was then that I knew, that this would be no ordinary CRAW weekend. There was something special about this weekend.
My crew, what can I say. She’s in, she’s out, she’s in, she’s got a shrimp boil. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Couldn’t they hire someone else to come boil shrimp?’
No. No they couldn’t. It’s fine, I’m fine. After putting up perhaps some of the best numbers of my CRAW career, I still ended up in 4th which I think we all know is not reflective of the dominance that was showcased. But it’s fine. I’m fine.
After a shower and liberal application of aloe vera I went to the restaurant, where Penni had already ordered me the prime rib. Awesome. CRAW folks were in and out throughout the night, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Except Frankie, that is, who was in exile after letting Daniel down with a 10-11-OCS-6, the day before Father’s day of all days. Hey Frank, maybe next year for Father’s day you can get your dad a proper sight on the starting line.
Sunday was pretty noteworthy-less. I wish I could tell you about something interesting that happened, or maybe even a humorous anecdote, but that’s simply not the case. I let my family and friends down once again by rolling into a hard-earned yet undeserved 4th place. It seems like I’ve finished in 4th place a lot of times. It never gets easier. If I could impart one piece of advice to anybody in CRAW, it would be to not finish in 4th place.
I know I shouldn’t have to say it but I hope that everybody takes a moment to thank the people who helped make this event, and all CRAW events actually happen. Thank you to Kandra for transporting the RIB and always helping wherever help is needed. Thank you to Kurt for organizing the regatta. Thank you to Scott Dowson for serving as our PRO once again. Thank you to all the ladies who served on the chase/commentary boat. Thank you to the Barnum Bay Yacht Club for their continued support of our annual event at Petenwell. This list is not exclusive and there are others so find them and thank them.
See ya at the next one
Another year, another beer

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