Crazy Good Conditions at Crazy Cats
Oshkosh has been a CRAW venue for many years, but I can’t remember two better days in a row. With double trapeze conditions for nine races, everyone got their fill, and I suspect, consumption of ibuprofen also spiked. As Brent Carlson was crewless (that’s crewless, not clueless) for the weekend, he volunteered to run the races. What a treat, as he led the Committee to rip off 6 races on Saturday and have us back on shore hours before our 6:30 dinner. (Thanks to all Committee members!)
On the water, the Korte/Johnson Team was consistently fast. The duo is training to race together in the October F18 Worlds in Sarasota, so this first tune-up demonstrated that they’ve got good pace and their crew work together is solid. With four bullets and fourth place throw, they were crowed 2018 Crazy Cats Champions, walking away with artisan Richard Hansen raspberry jam and a bottle of rum. Believing it was the boat that was so fast and not the crew, Brent returned to Minnesota with the winning craft, purportedly rendering Korte boat-less. (For cryin’ out loud, the guy the North American Master Distributor, if anyone should be able to get a replacement, it should be him! Guess we’ll see).
In spite of their age and weight, Team Selsmeyer put in a strong performance all weekend. (It’s not what you’re thinking. Understand that Clay IS now an old married guy; and the cap “G” Guy keeps getting LIGHTER!) Clay claims to have done all the work. OK, I can believe that. And Guy claims to have done all the thinking. Hmmm…not so sure about that one, but let’s humor Cap(G)tain. As the second-place finishers, they scored some jam, too. They’ll have to beg for some rum at the next regatta. IF there’s any left by then!
Rounding out the top three is the team lead by new superstar, Carolyn Malcheski, who sails with some guy who’s always walking around the pits hawking this and that. He does fine work. But rumor has it he somehow managed to flip a Tornado. I didn’t think that was possible, but there was a set of lime green sails that got a Winnebago washing on Sunday. (You’ll have to cut the guy some slack, Carolyn, he has been sniffing lots of epoxy lately).
Other Crazy Cat highlights:
• Martin’s amazing Tornado trailer. Two Tornados traveling with platforms fully assembled, with storage for all the gear and a total width of only about eight feet. Really impressive design, and he tells me the walk-in box is going to convert to a screened-in bunk bed. Endless ingenuity flowing out of my good friend’s mind! (And thanks, again, for the spin sheet replacement. Didn’t think it was possible to break a rope that thick that wasn’t showing any wear).
• This is a lowlight, but wow, shrapnel from the mark inflator blowing up! Chris took the worst of it with a nasty cut to her leg, and Brent had to shake off some stingers, as well. Thanks to the CRAW triage team who rushed in to provide aid.
• Captain Chaos, for living up to his name, executing a double “over the handlebars” pitchpole right at the starting line on Sunday. His guest crew from Oshkosh got quite a christening and has a great story to tell.
• Great to have Joe and Philip with us again at another CRAW regatta. They got a chance to race the big girl in bigger breeze, and they handled it well. When Joe gets comfortable getting out on the wire, as well, watch out, the new guys are going to be even faster!
• The amazing Mexican food potluck organized, I believe, primarily by Deanna and Michelle. Thanks to others who had a hand in this, and thanks to everyone for bringing food to share. It was delicious and plentiful.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, and another Happy Birthday to Deanna. See you on the water!

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