2018 Green Bay Regatta

Green Bay: round 1
August 4-5
Saturday started off with a distance race, which was a new experience for me. We raced from the windjammers start line to a big concrete thing about 3 miles away and then back. The beginning of the race had some decent wind, but as time went on the wind faded off. After that first race, which took about an hour, the wind picked back up for the start of the second race and was up and down during the race. By the third race the wind had pretty much decided what it wanted to do and started to blow steady; not too windy, but enough to have some fun. RC called it a day after five good races. After races, we all stayed at the clubhouse and ate Luigi’s pizza and had drinks. The Hansen crew headed home after pizza, but apparently there was a pretty good storm Saturday night in Green Bay.
Sunday morning was just like Saturday: hot, good wind, and more hot. The first race was just like the the later races on Saturday as well. However, at the start of race two, a storm system moved just north-ish of the race course. All was well until the wind did almost a full 180 and shut off. After everyone floated across the finish line, RC postponed and everyone got a chance to work on their tans and unfortunate watch and sunglasses tan lines. Around 12:15 the lake was still glass and there wasn’t a sign of the wind filling in, so RC called the races and we all headed in for takedown. Most boats are still set up and ready for the next Green Bay regatta. See you next week!
Ally Hansen

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