2018 Windjammers Regatta

Greenbay Dot 2 is now in the books. It was a light air success thanks to great race management displayed by Scott and Kandra along with the many other volunteers. They were able to run 5 races on Saturday in light and shifty conditions and still have us off the water by 3:30 as the wind was shutting down. Saturday evening’s pizza meal in the club was enhanced when a couple individuals donated money to buy a round of beers.Thanks Aart for getting that started. Saturday’s racing was highlighted by a stealth appearance of Dave and Eli who confirmed that the Grey Goose still floats. They completing a skillful light air A mark rounding. Kurt was struggling to clear A mark so while ahead, I drove down, hooked it with my dagger and and dragged it lower so they may round. Anything for friends. Single handing can be pretty crazy at A mark. Ed is out their race after race pulling all those strings solo. Wow. Thank you to Scott who shot lots of video that has been uploaded for you "face bookers" to enjoy. Lilly’s "rocket hoist and set" is a must view. Their was no racing on the Lord’s day as the forecast proved to be true resulting in an early departure home to loved ones. My return was met with a fallen tree blocking the drive. Isn’t it wonderful when neighbors, friends, and family work together for a common goal and wordily tasks become much easier. CRAW is blessed with many individuals who have this teamwork spirit as constantly demonstrated with offers of help and assistance. I encourage each of us to look for opportunities to step up and support this CRAW family using the gifts, talents, and recourses already given to us. Thank you once again to the Windjammers whose hospitality I have enjoyed for 39 years.
Please note that Madison has a " round the lake race" on Labor Day following the next CRAW event.
May God bless you all. Chris

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