2019 Rock and Roll Regatta

It’s Good, Even When It’s Bad

In a bold proclamation, new Rock & Roll Regatta Chairman, Dave Reese, opined that the event was entering a new era, somewhat bitter-sweet. Bitter in that the bash at the Johnson’s Rock Lake estate was no more. But sweet, in that the event would finally be guided by someone who truly understands the essence of the Rock & Roll genre. Taking full advantage of the safety of JJ’s absence, he suggested Captain Fly Fernando’s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQsjAbZDx-4) belief that Abba was Rock & Roll was sadly mistaken. Rock on Fly! There is no shame in being a Dancing Queen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrGuyw1V8s
Sailing recap. Day One. Slow sail out. One race started. One drifting finish. Winner Takes All-- Dale and Lily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyIOl-s7JTU Towed in for lunch as cold drizzle started. After lunch, slow sail out. No race started. Towed in. Day Two. No wind. Storms approaching. Event called. Raining buckets by 11:30. Good call!
Outsiders might call it a bust, but that’s never the case at a CRAW event. Always fun catching up with sailing friends after our winter layoff. Coming out of retirement were Ironman Morgan and Texas Todd. And it was great to see Randy and Shaun from the land of Vikings. Papa-to-be Ben Malcheski got a hall pass from Katie to help Dave run races. They certainly gave it the old college try, but Mother Nature was having none of it this weekend. Grandpa Martin couldn’t make this one, but he’ll be getting the Big T out for Petenwell, reports Ben. Chris Blake was crowing like a rooster (I know, hard to believe) absolutely giddy that he’s becoming a grandfather. Ed Winders beat him to the punch, however, with daughter, Lisa, welcoming a little boy recently (Alex Erik). Is anyone noticing a theme here?
In other news, both Hansen twins are going to be Badgers. Go Red! Eddie decided being separated from big sis, would just be too traumatic. When asked if they were going to room together, Ally dryly replied, “Not a chance, have you ever seen his room?” Now flush with cash, having been saved from two more out-of-state tuition payments, Kandra and Richard are looking into his and her Corvettes.
Dawn Stoller made a guest appearance on Saturday. Being the competitive type, she challenged Debbie Selsmeyer to a foot race. Not sure why she chose this particular occasion, but she was talking lots of smack, and seemed quite confident in her chances. It occurred to me that there has been no mention of a “Bite the Bag” competition at CRAW for years. It’s a simple game really, requiring just flexibility and balance. Oh, right, I get it, that’s exactly what we’re missing. Is anyone noticing a theme here?
I would be remiss if I didn’t finish this little recap with shout out to Dave Reese’s favorite Rock and Roll band from the Bay Area. Hint: No it’s not the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hint: No it’s not Train. No, not Santana, Journey or Third Eye Blind. But all good guesses. This one is for you, Mr. Saturday Night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BKKaKT_dtM

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