2018 Rock and Roll Regatta

Date May 19-20

Location CRAW
Rock Lake
345 Sandy Beach Rd
Lake Mills, WI

Contact JJ Johnson
Ph: 920-222-3141

Schedule Saturday
8:00 am
On Site Registration
9:15 am
Skipper's Meeting 
10:30 am
First Flag (2 or 3 races)
12:30 pm
Lunch (BYO) - at Race Committee's discretion
2:00 pm
(or 1 hour after last boat lands before lunch) First Flag (2 or 3 races)
6:00 pm

9:15 am
Skipper's Meeting
10:00 am
White Flag (2 races)
2:30 pm
Awards Ceremony

Singlehanded registration online
Doublehanded registration online
Extra for onsite registration


One of CRAW's perennial favorites. Great beach access. Tents allowed on beach, and RVs in parking lot. Dinner Saturday at Johnson's house. See ya there! Call JJ at 920-222-3141

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