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Please be sure to read and then "Check" the regatta liability waiver below prior to registering.

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THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: WAIVER: I Certify that I have the necessary experience, skill and equipment to safely compete in this CRAW regatta and I am fully aware of the weather and sea conditions that may exist during the race. The decision to start or continue sailing in this CRAW regatta is mine alone, and I accept full responsibility for my decision. I acknowledge that I am competing in this CRAW regatta at my own risk and agree to waive all claims that might arise against the Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin (CRAW), its sponsors, their servants, agents or employees, as well as their officers, directors, committeemen or members. I agree that the aforementioned are not liable whatsoever for any accident or injury to myself, my boat, my crew or any guest on my boat. I represent that my boat is seaworthy and complies with the safety rules of the United States Coast Guard and I certify that I have liability insurance for my boat.


Registration Fee (Singlehanded) : $
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